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Sudanese army resumes air attacks in South Kordofan: SPLM-N

April 29, 2016 (KHARTOUM) - The spokesperson of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/North (SPLM-N) said the Sudanese army has resumed its airstrikes against Um Serdiba area and several villages in Hiban area in South Kordofan.

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Children in South Kordofan’s town of Kauda take cover from a passing Antonov in a makeshift bomb shelter in 2012 (Photo: Peter Moszynski)

Last March, the Sudanese army said its troops captured Um Serdiba, "the main rebel stronghold in Kadugli sector", and Musharaka area. Al-Maradis, El Lipo, Kutna, Ugab, Karkakaia, and El-Biri. But the SPLM-N claimed they repulsed the attacks.

Arnu Ngulutu Lodi in a statement extended to Sudan Tribune on Friday said that a a (Sudan Air Force) Antonov plane dropped six bombs on Um Serdiba on Monday, stressing the attack caused panic among the residents and destroyed their property.

He added that similar plane dropped 17 barrel bombs on several villages around Hiban on Tuesday killing a number of cattle heads and destroying residents’ property.

Lodi pointed the Antonov plane dropped 4 bombs on Nyakma, 6 bombs on Hagar Bago, 3 bombs on Auru and 4 bombs on Hiban.

Fierce fighting is taking place in the Nuba Mountains area of South Kordofan following a large-scale campaign launched by the government army against rebel positions.

South Kordofan and neighbouring Blue Nile state have been the scene of violent conflict between the SPLM-N and Sudanese army since 2011.

Last December, negotiations between Khartoum and the SPLM-N stalled after the government delegation insisted that the objective of talks is to settle the conflict in the Two Areas, while the SPLM-N team has called for a holistic approach to resolve ongoing conflicts across Sudan.