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Wau’s main referral hospital open to patients: official

July 14, 2016 (WAU) – Authorities in Wau’s main referral hospital have dismissed as misleading reports alleging that the medical facility had been closed to visiting patients.

The admission room at Wau teaching hospital, July 14, 2016 (ST)

The acting Minister of Health in Wau state, Awadhia Yakub told Sudan Tribune that, despite patients not turning out for treatments at Wau teaching hospital, the medical institution was fully in operation.

She said since last month’s outbreak of violence in Wau, many patients and doctors deserted the hospital, but had now started returning to their duty stations, despite the few patients in there.

“We in the ministry of health and concerned organisations are working together to offer health services to those in need,” said Yakub.

The minister, however, said the security situation in town was calm and called upon citizens to return to their homes, in addition to urging all nurses and doctors who deserted to immediately resume work.

“The POCs [Protection of Civilian Camps] where people are living are not friendly with the lives of the children [and] therefore, there is a need for those living at the camps to return home,” she stressed.

South Sudan, Africa’s newest nation, is one of poorest countries in the world with the worst indicators of development, health and education.