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Popular uprising is taking place in Sudan: PCP leader tells al-Bashir

Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir receives PCP Secretary General Ali al-Haj on 11 September 2017 (SUNA Photo)
February 22, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The leader of the Popular Congress Party (PCP) Ali al-Haj said Sudan has experienced a popular uprising and called to find out the needed solutions for the real problems the country is facing.

The leader of Sudan’s second Islamist party who was abroad for medical reasons during the past two months met with President Omer al-Bashir Thursday to discuss the situation in the country after two months of protests calling for regime change.

Upon his return to Khartoum last Wednesday, al-Haj said he has a message that he would hand over to the President when he meets him pointing he had written it on 29 January.

"What is going on (in Sudan) is a major popular uprising of young people, whose primary motivation is the country’s dire conditions in terms of providing bread, fuel and cash," says al-Haj in the message which was seen by Sudan Tribune on Thursday.

Whether the solution a regime change or not, the core issue is the need to find a solution that brings things back to normal, "instead of distributing accusations away from the cause of the protests," he further stressed.

The PCP leader is facing heavy from a significant portion of the party which call to quit the government and join the ongoing protest movement while some of them have already taken part in the demonstrations.

He condemned the excessive use of force against peaceful protesters stressing it would only fuel the protests.

In the same way, he strongly blamed the current government for its failure to address the economic situation in the country.

"The existing government and political staff have failed to reach a sustainable solution to the simplest demands of the citizen. This underscores the need for change at the political level to reach solutions that are sustainable economically and stable politically," he stressed.

Al-Haj concluded that the solutions can be discussed between them "with the participation of others from the people of Sudan".

Sources say the meeting between al-Bashir and al-Haj lasted for five hours during the night but no details emerged from their discussions.

President al-Bashir is expected to meet the governors of different regions and the leaders of the other political forces participating in his government before to head a leadership meeting of the ruling party.