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Sudan: denial of medical care is putting political prisoners’ lives at risk: opposition

March 24, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The opposition Sudanese Congress Party (SCoP) expressed deep concern about the situation of political detainees in El-Obeid prison of North Kordofan state saying that they are in critical health conditions requiring urgent medical care.

Sudanese Prison officer speaks to Ashrooq TV outside El-Obeid Prison (File photo)The head of human rights secretariat of the party Adel Bakhit said they got verified information that three political prisoners arrested in line with the emergency orders in El Obeid are in deteriorating health due to the deliberate neglect and failure to provide medical care.

The detainees are Mohamed Suleiman Tali, of the Sudanese Communist Party, Mus’ab al-Shafei Ahmed and Hafez Oreibi of the Sudanese Congress Party.

"We in the Sudanese Congress party are deeply concerned about the health and life of these prisoners because of their deteriorating health. Some of them are suffering from complications of kidney disease and associated infections that may threaten their lives in the absence of the lowest standards of health safety," Bakhit said in a statement extended to Sudan Tribune.

The SCoP Human Rights Secretariat called on the Sudanese administration of prisons to allow the sick detainees access to health care.

The opposition party further urged the prison authorities not to get involved in the political conflict and to play their roles and duties in accordance with the law rather than implementing the political agenda of the ruling regime.

The party further called on human rights groups, Sudanese and friendly countries and peoples to join hands with sick detainees at risk of death as a result of the denial of medical care.