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Sudanese opposition rejects Ibn-Ouf’s military coup

A protester hold a banner saying al-Bashir is war criminal, he does not represent me on 11 April 2019 (ST Photo)
April 2019 (KHARTOUM) - Sudan’s opposition forces refused to deal with the military coup led by the defence minister on Thursday and urged the Sudanese to continue to sit-in the streets.

Tens of thousands of Sudanese were clearly frustrated when Awad bin Auf appeared on the TV screens as one of the perpetrators of the coup that toppled al-Bashir.

The streets of the Sudanese capital and a number of states were filled with huge waves of people after the announcement of the army’s statement as thousands marched in the streets to express their joy of the expected change.

But, the protesters shouted everywhere, expressing their rejection of Ibn Ouf and considered the move as a hoax saying that the same faces they opposed to, are in the security committee headed by Ibn Ouf includes the security apparatus, the Rapid Support Forces and the police.

The head of the opposition Sudanese Congress Party (SCoP) Omer al-Degair, said that the statement read by the leader of the military coup is disappointing, and stressed his refusal to allow the "theft of the revolution".

He stressed that the statement is nothing but an attempt to re-produce the al-Bashir regime which must be dropped with all its organs and symbols.

"We reject the formation of the military council, and the leadership of the armed forces had to contact us to hear our point of view about the future (of Sudan) but they took their decision alone and therefore we reject on behalf of the people and we will remain on the streets," he said.

For its part, the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) who coordinates the popular protests, also rejected the statement by the defence minister and called on the protesters to continue demonstrating until the "comprehensive change" is achieved.

In a statement released after Ibn Ouf statement, the SPA said that the authorities of the regime carried out "a military coup reproducing the faces and institutions against which the Sudanese people revolted."

"Those who destroyed the country and killed its people are trying to steal every drop of blood and sweat poured by the great Sudanese people in the revolution that shook the throne of tyranny."

A spokesman for the professionals said Defence Minister Awad Ibn Ouf had "interpreted a new representation" and that his statement preserved the presence of the Islamist in the Sudanese state.

"What happened was a new coup and an attempt to dodge," he said.

"The people will rebel against the authority of Ibn Ouf and any authority besieging his dreams."

The professionals further called on the Sudanese people to maintain their sit-in in front of the army headquarters and in the other states and to stay on the streets in all the cities of Sudan until the handover of power to a transitional government that reflects the revolutionary forces.

"There is no dialogue between the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change and those who have now come to power," the SPA spokesperson said.

Other political forces rejected Ibn Ouf’s statements saying it only means the continuation of the regime and its repressive apparatus under a new name.

"Awad Ibn Ouf’s statement means the continuation of the rule of the Islamist generals, the security services and the militias, and the retaliation against the officers who sided with the people of the middle and small ranks," said the SPLM-N led by Malik Agar.

"At this pivotal stage in the history of the country, the SLA confirms that it will continue to fight for the overthrow of this regime. The movement will put all its resources into the hands of the revolution," said Minni Minnwi the leader of Sudan Liberation Movement.

" The Movement rejects the existence of the symbol of genocide at the head of the transitional government, whatever the justifications, and considers it a provocation to the feelings of the victims’ families and a grave insult to the martyrs," said the Justice and Equality Movement of Gibril Ibrahim.