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Sudan’s opposition proposes to form lean gov’t with significant women’s participation in parliament

April 18, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The Freedom and Changes forces have proposed to form a lean government to lead the country during the four-year transition period and to give women at least 40% of an appointed parliament.

Sadiq al Mahdi, Farouk Abu Issa and Minni Minnawi join hands after the signing of the Sudan Call in Addis Ababa on 3 December 2014 (ST)

last week, during a meeting held with the transitional military council the opposition forces make clear their demand to transfer power to civilians pointing that their role should be limited to defend the country.

During the meeting, which was the first after the removal of the former President Omer al-Bashir, it was agreed that the large opposition coalition gives them its proposals which will serve as a basis for discussions.

The two- page proposals seen by Sudan Tribune deals with the presidential council and is duties, the national government and parliament, adding that the region’s government and legislative councils to be formed later.

Regarding the Presidential Council, the text provides that "The forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change choose the Presidential Council from the representatives of the revolutionary forces, together with a military representation".

Further, it says that the Council "shall exercise the sovereign functions in accordance with the Transitional Constitution (proposed by the Forces for the Declaration of Freedom and Change).

Opting for a parliamentary regime, devolving the executive powers to a government led b a prime minister, the proposals emphasize the Presidential Council is "the Head of the State and a symbol of the sovereignty of the country".

The Sudanese military has already said that the country’s government will be formed by the civilians, but was less clear on the functions of the presidential council, its composition and who will lead it.

The proposal of the Freedom and Changes forces say there should be a lean government composed of 17 ministers and headed by a prime minister and his deputy.

"The Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Interior will be reserved for the regular forces," the text underlines.

Also, the proposal emphasizes that the technocratic government will implement a transitional programme defined by the forces of the Freedom and Change Declaration.

The transitional legislative assembly will consist of 120 members, of whom at least 40% are women says the proposal.

Besides controlling the work of the government, the transitional parliament will adopt the new bills but also shall review the existing legislation.

The parliament shall "review the laws in accordance with the transitional constitution".

For the transitional constitution, it seems that the forces of the Freedom and Change will endorse an updated version of the constitution of 1973 because it clearly mentions the diversity of the Sudanese people and bans the use of religion to achieve political goals.

The African Union has given the military council a two-week period to hand over power to civilians before to suspend Sudan’s membership in the regional body. Also, the European Union said it will not recognize it.