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Two FFC groups confirm their non-participation in Sudan’s transitional cabinet

FFC delegates at the meeting with the TMC on the political and constitutional documents on 16 July 2019 (AFP Photo)

August 8, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese Professionals’ Association and the opposition Unionist Gathering have announced that they will not participate in the transitional government due to be formed in late August.

The two groups were the spearhead of the protest movement that lasted for months before to topple the regime of Omer al-Bashir in April 2019.

Babikir Faisal the Chairman of the Unionist Gathering’s Executive Committee Babikir Faisal told reporters on Wednesday that they would not take part in the upcoming government.

"The Gathering will not participate in the transitional government," Babikir told a news conference on Wednesday.

He stressed that there are no quotas in the transitional government and that what is circulating through the media are "mere rumours."

The political leader was referring to press reports saying that the Unionist Gathering nominated Babikir for the membership of the Sovereign Council as one of the FFC representatives.

Most of the FFC nominated candidates to the Sovereign Council have apologized except Khartoum University Professor Fadwa Abdel Rahman. Also, it was confirmed that Montaser al-Tayeb and Sidiq Tawer, have been recently nominated as two other opposition seats remain vacant.

For its part, the SPA said they will only participate in the appointed legislative assembly.

"This decision came after a thorough study and careful consideration of the role of the professionals during the coming period," reads a statement the group released Thursday.

The National Umma Party and the Sudanese Congress Party also had issued similar statements announcing they would not take part in the transitional government.

The FFC formed a nomination committee that will pick three names for every ministry. The would-be appointed prime minister will select one of them to the ministerial position.

It is widely purported that Abdalla Hamdok, the former Deputy Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa has been chosen for the post of prime minister.

However, some reports say that still, he has not obtained the approval of all the FFC groups.