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NUP urges SRF group to cease hostile campaign over Sudan’s peace document

Al-Mahdi speaks at a workshop on the state of emergency on 3 April 2019 ( ST photo)

August 10, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The National Umma Party (NUP) led by Sadiq al-Mahdi Saturday said they are not opposed to adding Addis Ababa document for peace to the transitional constitution, and urged armed groups to cease their hostile campaign against the party.

The Sudanese Revolutionary Movement (SRF), an umbrella of armed groups that fought against the regime of President Omer al-Bashir, says the NUP delegate in the negotiations with the military council was strongly opposed to adding a document on ways to achieve peace recently agreed by the opposition groups in the Ethiopian capital.

In a statement issued on Saturday, NUP General Secretariat regretted the media campaign carried out by its allies in the Sudanese Revolutionary Front against the party.

The Umma party further rejected the « malicious campaign » against its representative in the FFC negotiating team Dr Ibrahim al-Amin saying all that he did during the discussions was underlining general principles on how to address the issue of peace in a constitutional document.

"He did not reject any item of the peace document, as promoted by the owners of the purpose. In fact, most of the provisions of the Addis Ababa agreement have been included in the constitutional document and what was not added does not justify this nefarious campaign," stressed the largest opposition group.

Several leading members of Darfur armed groups have launched a series of attacks in the social media against their allied political forces and accused them of racism.

On the other hand, several opposition leaders questioned the seriousness of their alliance with the Darfurian groups pointing they have become more close to the military council than to the democratic forces.

Sadiq al-Mahdi who shares the Sudan Call alliance, which includes the armed groups, wrote a letter on 5 August to the SRF leaders where he admitted the existence of a "procedural imbalance" on the inclusion of the Addis Agreement in the Constitutional Declaration. Also, he pledged to correct this matter and add the document to the transitional constitution.

He, however, urged his allies to stop the negative escalation and avoid giving the "impression of standing "besides the Islamist saboteurs and communists who are united against the success of the homeland," stressed the letter seen by Sudan Tribune.

NUP supports Hamdok

The Umma Party, also, denied reports saying they are opposed to the nomination of Abdalla Hamdok as the prime minister of the transitional technocrat government, stressing it was part of the hostile campaign against the party.

"The party did not reject the proposal to nominate Dr Abdallah Hamdok as prime minister," said the statement.