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Sudan’s Sovereign Council members sworn in

Members of Sudan's Sovereign Council swear-in before al-Burhan and and chief justice on 21 October 2019 (AFP Photo)
August 21, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The members of Sudan’s Sovereign Council took the oath of office before the head of the collegial presidency Abdel Fattah al-Burhan on Wednesday, ahead of the launch of the transitional authority in Sudan.

The historical move comes in line with the implementation of the agreement on the transition in Sudan signed by the military council and the Forces for Freedom and Change on 17 August, four months after the ouster of the former president Omer al-Bashir.

As scheduled, five military and five civilians were sworn in at the presidential palace before the head of the Sovereign Council as the 11th member Mohamed Hassan Osman al-Ta’aishi did not take part in the ceremony as he is not in the country.

The event was welcomed by the Sudanese who hope that the process will bear soon some positive changes in their daily life.

In statements to the official news agency SUNA, Raja Nicola pointed to the need to achieve peace and to allocate the country resources for development.

"We want peace to prevail and justice to be done," Nicola said before to add "We want to raise Sudan, develop our country, improve its economy, and take the rights of Christian citizens".

The other female member of the Sovereign Council Aicha Musa pledged they would work tirelessly to implement the programme of the Forces for Freedom and Change.

The December Revolution "will not fade and will not lose its slogans until it reaches its desired goals in achieving democratic transformation and achieving slogans of freedom, peace and full justice," she emphasized.

The British Ambassador to Sudan Irfan Siddiq welcomed the dissolution of the Transitional Military Council, swearing-in of the Sovereign Council as well as the appointment of the Prime Minister.

"Slowly, but surely, Sudan is moving towards making "madaniya" (civilian) a reality!" he said in a tweet on Wednesday.