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Sudanese call for justice in first protest under Hamdok’s cabinet

September 12, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - Thousands of Sudanese took to the streets in Khartoum calling for the appointment of new senior judiciary officials and to ensure justice for those killed during the months-long protests before and after the collapse of the former regime.

Hundreds of Sudanese took to the streets in Khartoum calling for justice in Sudan on 12 Sept 2019 (ST photo)

The first large demonstrations by the Sudanese Professional Association in Sudan after the formation of transitional government intended to press the transitional authority after the formation of the Sovereign Council and the interim cabinet on the need to resolve the pending appointment of the new chief justice and general attorney in Sudan.

Last August, the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC)and the Transitional Military Council agreed that the Sovereign Council, considering it would be formed before the government, has to appoint the chief justice and the attorney general. But the two posts remain vacant, despite the FFC nomination of two jurists for these positions.

"The people want a new chief justice", "We demand justice for the martyrs" "Blood for blood, we won’t accept blood money" chanted the protesters.

Addressing the protesters, Siddiq Tawer, a member of the Sovereign Council, reassured the crowd saying that the transitional authority is always listening to the people demands and would do all it can to fulfil it.

"The appointment of an independent judiciary chief and a general attorney is one of the government’s priorities considering that justice is one of the demands of the revolution. All those who have committed a crime against the people and country during the previous regime’s rule will be held accountable," said Tawer.

Similar protests were organised in several towns across the country to press the Sovereign Council to appoint the two FFC nominees.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Democratic Alliance of Lawyer, a member of the Sudanese Professional Association, called on the Sovereign Council to appoint the head of the judiciary system.

The pro-democracy group further suggested convening a joint meeting between the Sovereign Council to amend the constitutional document if the Sovereign Council fails to endorse its responsibilities.

The lawyers said the two officials who are nominated by the FFC can be appointed by their government after amending the constitution.