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Appointment of provisional governors will not affect Sudan peace process: Arman

President Kiir and Sudanese parties applauding after the signing of a plan for peace in Sudan in Juba on 11 September 2019 (ST photo)
November 7, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) deputy secretary-general Yasir Arman said they agreed with the transitional government delegation that provisional civil governors can be appointed until the signing of a peace agreement.

SRF Spokesman Osama Tuesday rejected the appointment of civilian state governors saying that such a move would breach of the Juba Declaration for confidence-building and goodwill signed on 11 September.

The statement was contested by Shams al-Din al-Kabbashi, member of the Sovereign Council and the government negotiating team who asserted that the SRF agreed to appoint interim civilian governors and that does not violate the signed declaration.

Arman said they had been told about the desire of the Sudanese army command to end the temporary appointment of its generals as state governors because they are exposed to difficulties requiring the designation of civilian governors until a peace agreement is signed.

"The government delegation asked the SRF to accept this request under the partnership for peace, pointing out that the appointment of the civil governors is provisional until the signing of a peace agreement," he said.

"The Revolutionary Front agreed with certain observations, particularly with regard to the appointment of civilian governors in the war zones, so that no person suspected of increasing polarization in those areas would be named," he emphasized.

This solution would not affect the Juba Declaration, he said and will allow the Forces for Freedom and Change to resolve the current tensions until a peace agreement is reached.

The military governors who had been appointed by the former president Omer al-Bashir are perceived in several states as a continuation of the former regime and have strained relations with the FFC there.