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Ruling coalition prepares to pick Sudan’s state governors

November 26, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - Sudan’s Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) prepare to examine the nominations of state governors submitted by the different components of the ruling coalition at the state level.

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Wajdi Saleh

FFC Spokesman Wajdi Saleh disclosed to Sudan Tribune on Tuesday that the Central Council of the coalition have received lists of the nominees for governors, adding that the selected governors will be in charge until the signing of a comprehensive peace agreement.

The constitutional document, which governs the transitional period stipulated that a comprehensive peace agreement with the armed movements should be reached within a maximum period of six months from the start of the transitional period on August 21.

In accordance with the Juba Declaration, the SRF and the Sudanese government pledged to sign a peace agreement before the 14 December.

SRF Spokesman Osama Said told Sudan Tribune on Tuesday that they are opposed to the governors’ appointment in the troubled regions because of the sensitivity of the issue.

However, he pointed out that technically a peace agreement cannot be reached on 14 December, adding this delay will bring them to negotiate a deal on the governors.

Saleh for his part said that the matter would be discussed during the negotiations between the Sudanese government and the SRF, scheduled to resume in Juba on 11 December 11.

The continuation of military governors is highly contested as some of them are seen as protectors of the elements of the former regime while others are slammed for the mismanagement of the state affairs.

Mansour Osman, a journalist based in El-Obeid, capital of North Kordofan, said that the military governor has failed to administrate the state and to resolve the health and economic challenges despite his good faith.

"The administrative vacuum in the state has increased the suffering of the population," he told Sudan Tribune.

"The delay in addressing this situation is not justified," he stressed.