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Sudan Attorney General launches investigation into Darfur crimes

December 22, 2019 (KHARTOUM) Sudan has open an investigation into war crimes and atrocities committed by the former regime in Darfur region, said Sudan’s Attorney General on Sunday.

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Taj al-Sir al-Hiber (SUNA photo)

Taj al-Sir al-Hiber made his statements at the Khartoum airport following his return from Abu Dhabi after participating in an anti-corruption conference.

Al-Huber said the judicial proceedings are directed against more than 51 figures of the ousted regime related to the war crimes in the Darfur region.

He added the Public Prosecution filed a complaint against former President Omer al-Bashir former Defence Minister Abdel-Rahim Mohamed Hussein, militia commander Ali Kushayb, and more than 50 other former official or militia leader involved the counterinsurgency operations in western Sudan.

All the three are indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

He stressed that another former official wanted by the ICC Ahmed Haroun, is facing three "serious charges", and he is currently under investigation.

The ICC issued arrest warrants for five former Sudanese officials accused of taking part in the war crimes in Darfur including former President Omer al-Bashir, Abdel Rahim Hussein, Ahmad Haroun, all detained in Khartoum. But the whereabouts of Ali Kushayb and Abdallah Banda, outs are unknown.

On Thursday, the head of the Sovereign Council reaffirmed the right of the victims of Darfur war crimes to resort to the ICC whenever they have the conviction that the Sudanese courts cannot achieve justice.

"If we are unable to achieve justice for our people here, they have the right to demand that justice be done wherever they choose. We are bound to achieve their demands," he said.

He was the last official to declare that he would accept the will of Darfur people.

Al-Bashir and other Islamists are investigated for their role in the 30-June 1989 coup that brought him to power.

He was sentenced on 14 December to two year’s detention in a correctional facility over charges of corruption and illegal possession of hard currency.

The Attorney General further disclosed that they issued an Interpol arrest warrant for the former chief spy Salah Gosh saying he is facing 4 charges.

Gosh played a key role to convince the army generals members of the national security council to oust al-Bashir who had asked them to open fire on thousands of protesters camping outside the army headquarters.

He also said they are investigating authorities and people who received money from the ousted president, Omer al-Bashir.

"We opened an investigation about the receipt of money by Abdel-Hay Youssef a radical Islamist who supported al-Bashir, the International University of Africa, and others," he said.