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Sudanese university sacks professor for calling to killing protesters

Al-Neelain UniversityJanuary 12, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - The Al-Neelain University in Khartoum announced on Sunday the dismissal of one of its professors after his appearance in video records leaked to the Al Arabiya news channel inciting the killing of peaceful demonstrators during the protests against the former al-Bashir’s regime.

The Islamist Awad Haj Ali, the former director of the University of Al-Neelain, appeared in videos aired by Al-Arabiya channel as part of what was known as the "Great Secrets of Brotherhood" documentary calling to use force against the peaceful protesters.

"These are not demonstrations, these are military movements and must be dealt with militarily." he said before to describe the protest leaders "bastards".

Al-Arabiya began broadcasting a series of documentaries on the secret meetings of the leadership of the Islamic movement in Sudan, which included confessions of the organization of the June 1989 coup, the assassination of army officers and the use of violence to suppress popular demonstrations in various periods during the 30 years of rule.

In a statement received by the "Sudan Tribune," Al-Neelain University professors’ union apologized to the Sudanese people for the presence of Awad Haj Ali in the educational institution.

The statement urged the judiciary to indict the former official of incitement to kill unarmed peaceful demonstrators.

The Sudanese government has not purged the whole Islamist elements in the administration saying they want to investigate their cases on an individual basis.