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Sudan says following closely issue security workers sent to Libya

Sudanese youth who returned from Libya outside Khartoum airport on 28 January, 2020 (ST photo)
January 29, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - The Minister of Information and government spokesman, Faisal Mohamed Saleh, announced the formation of an operations room to follow up the case of youth sent by the Emirati-based security company to Libya.

The Black Shield signed contracts nearly three hundreds of Sudanese youth to work as security guards in the UAE. But, once arrived in the Gulf country, they received military training and sent to Libya against their will, three months later; according to some defectors and families of the security workers.

In press statements on Wednesday after the weekly cabinet meeting, Saleh said that "An operating room has been formed over the past few days that includes representatives of the relevant authorities on this issue."

He said that the Ministry of Labour and Social Development reviewed the contracts and found that they did not violate the usual legal procedures to be followed by foreign firms.

He added that the youth signed these contracts and when they travelled to Abu Dhabi the company offered them two different contracts, one as security guards in the United Arab Emirates and the second as security guards in the oilfields outside the UAE, including Libya.

The Sudanese youths started returning to Sudan on Tuesday as some of them went directly to the Emirati embassy in Khartoum to demand their rights and hold accountable the company for luring them.

The minister said that the operations room had contacted the authorities in the UAE through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that the Ministry of Labour also contacted recruitment agencies to review contracts with the Sudanese youth before their departure.

He praised the great cooperation that government agencies have found from the authorities in the United Arab Emirates.

Faisal said that the operating room is continuing its activities and works in full coordination with the authorities in the UAE and the matter will be resolved soon.