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SRF renews rejection of Sudan’s civilian governors’ appointment before peace

April 14, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) Tuesday renewed its refusal to appoint civilian governors before signing a peace agreement and accused the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) of seeking to exclude them from participating in the nomination process.

Hadi Idris,SLM-TC leader and SRF Chairman

In a statement extended to Sudan Tribune on Tuesday, the SRF considered a recent decision to appoint the civilian governors as an attempt by the FFC to seize all positions without them, adding that would not lead to the "establishment of an equal citizenship state".

“The FFC Khartoum faction seeks to exclude the forces of the margin and the SRF which is a founding member of the FFC, bypassing the street and the resistance committees, and have struck a partisan deal to share the state governors positions in a shameful way, and are seeking to appoint unqualified people.”

The SRF has resisted the attempts by the FFC to appoint civilian governors to replace the military governors s it is provided in the transitional constitutional.

Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok has also followed the request of the armed groups, in a bid to build confidence with the SRF groups and create a suitable environment for peace in Sudan.

The armed groups in the past accused the FFC of excluding them from participating in the transitional government.

The SRF further requested the transitional government to inform by written letter about the outcome of the tripartite meeting between the FFC, the Sovereign Council and the cabinet which endorsed several decisions to complete the structures of the transitional authority.

They said such an official communication will allow them to give a formal position to the government.

The SFR leader told Sudan Tribune that they had been informed orally about the decisions of the meeting and considered this a lack of consideration for the partnership them and the FFC groups.

The tripartite meeting held on Saturday 11 April recognized the need to accelerate the completion of power structures by forming the Legislative Council and appointing civil governors to the states.

The governors are supposed to be appointed before the end of April while the transitional parliament would be established before mi-May.

The Revolutionary Front hinted at the formation of an alternative alliance, saying "We are considering the formation of another body for the Forces for freedom and change until the unification of the founders (...) on the right basis after achieving peace."

They will deal directly with the resistance committees and the Sovereign Council and the cabinet.

Last week the Sudanese government and the SRF agreed to extend the talks until the 9th of May as they are still discussing pending issues and the security arrangements.