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SPLM-N Hilu slams SRF rejection of governors’ appointment in Sudan

Abdel Aziz Al-Hilu (C) poses with the FFC delegation in Juba on 9 Feb 2020 (ST Photo)
April 19, 2020 (KHARTUM) - The SPLM-N led by Abdel-Aziz al-Hilu voiced its support for the Sudanese government’s efforts to replace the military state governors with civilian governors and criticized the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF)’s opposition to the move.

However, the alliance of the armed groups said the appointment of governors should be considered as part of the reshaping process of the Sudanese state after the signing of the peace agreement.

The prime minister reportedly held a series of contacts with the SRF leaders to convince them to accept the appointment of the governors who had to announce on Saturday. However, his failure to bring them to back the move forced him to delay the announcement.

"The call of the revolutionary front to not appoint state governors is inconsistent with the spirit of the revolution. Obstructing their appointment is a disruption of the civil democratic transformation process." said the SPLM-N Hilu in a statement extended to Sudan Tribune on Sunday.

The statement declared the SPLM-N Hilu’s support for appointing civilian governors saying that peace will not be achieved without, realizing a democratic transformation, which enables the Sudanese people to take control of its destiny.

Al-Hilu Movement went further to accuse the SRF of seeking to share power, stressing that peace can only be achieved through addressing the historical root causes of the crisis that led to the war.

This is the first time that the SPLM-N Hilu publically criticises a position of the SRF groups. Before they directed all their attacks to the SPLM-N led by Malik Agar.

Talks are stalled between the government and al-Hilu’s SPLM-N because Khartoum refuses to include self-determination and the secular state in the peace talks.

The Revolutionary Front accuses the Forces for Freedom and Change of seeking to monopolize power and criticizes it for not consulting them on the decisions taken in Khartoum, even though they are part of the coalition.

Osama Said, the SRF official spokesman told Sudan Tribune that the government requested them to accept the appointment of two governors for Khartoum and the White Nile states, given that there are no governors in the two states.

Osama, also, expressed their appreciation for the government’s decision to postpone the appointment of governors until the signing of a peace agreement.

"The Revolutionary Front considers the appointment governors, including the Governor of Khartoum and the formation of the Legislative Council, as one package within the framework of reshaping all the institutions of transitional authority, after peace," he stressed.