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Sudan’s transition partners agree to stop media war

May 14, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - Sudan’s transitional authority partners agreed on Thursday to avoid stirring up differences between them in the media.

Akram Eltom speaks to reporters on 19 March 2020 (SC photo)A statement released by the Sovereign Council about the dismissal of the health minister created tensions between the government and the collegial presidency.

Also, the Council deleted in the first time its controversial before to post it again after a statement by the government spokesman rejecting its request to sack the minister.

In a statement on Thursday, the joint media mechanism said that the transition partners agreed to stop media statements about contentious issues that arose between them on Wednesday, May 13, 2020.

It further pointed out that the ruling partners renewed their commitment to work together to complete the tasks of the democratic transition.

"The media mechanism calls on the three parties to ensure that contentious issues are not dealt with in the media until a joint agreement is reached. In the event that they speak about any issue, they commit themselves to focus on the substance of these issues and avoid personal criticism," further said the statement.

The joint media mechanism is established last April by the Sovereign Council, the government and the Forces for Freedom and Change.

The joint mechanism, which is headed by Member of the Council of Sovereignty, Mohamed al-Faki, should perform two tasks, the first advertise the programme agreed to implement the goals of the transitional period and to unifying the discourse of the components of the transitional authority.

Wednesday’s argument was apparently triggered by a row between a civilian member of the Sovereign Council Siddiq Tawer and the health minister Akram Eltom over the fight of coronavirus.

However, Tawer insisted that he did not ask to remove the minister, also different members of the government pointed an accusing finger to Gen Shams al-Din Kabbashi the former spokesman of the Transitional Military Council saying he was behind the divisive statement.