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Minnawi’s SLM broke away from the Sudanese Revolutionary Front

May 18, 2020 (JUBA) - The Sudan Liberation Movement led by Minni Minnawi (SLM-MM) Monday broke away from the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF), but said they are committed to the peace talks.

File phot showing Minnawi posing with his fighters in Darfur
In this file photo. Sudan Liberation Movement leader Minni Minnawi poses for a pictures with some fighters

However, the SRF leadership described the move as a "withdrawal", not a split pointing out that the Front is united and supports its leadership.

Minnawi who was the SRF vice-chairman recently criticized the decisions of the Front particularly its refusal to include some Darfur groups in the peace process. Also, he seemed at odds with their positions on several issues at the negotiating table.

Further, the alliance was not enthusiastic for some proposals he made to reform the SRF structures because it calls to dismantle the leadership body including the secretariat and to keep only the Legislative Council and the Presidency Council.

Norel-Daem Taha, the Rapporteur of the SLM-MM negotiating delegation who is also the Media Secretary told Sudan Tribune from Juba they informed the mediation of the "split" and now as representatives the SRF led by Minni Minnawi they demanded that these developments be taken into consideration during the peace negotiations.

"It is difficult to continue under one unified leadership unless the principle of horizontal leadership is accepted, as it has been detailed in the proposals we made recently," Taha said.

Also, he said he addressed the negotiation session Monday as a representative of the SRF-MM.

Taha said they have the support of Alamin Daoud leader of a faction of the United Popular Front in eastern Sudan and another SRF group that he did not want to reveal.

He added that the mediation made efforts to bridge the gaps between the SRF parties but indicates that it would focus its efforts in the peace process.

SLM-MM leading members say they have the largest military force but their propositions are often not followed.

During the past days, while the mediation was preparing a timetable for the discussions, Minnawi group said they want direct talks when it comes to negotiating the security arrangements.

The discussions are currently held via videoconference.

According to a timetable released on Sunday, the SRF and the government are expected to initial a peace agreement on 20 June.

Withdrawal not split

The SRF leader Hadi Idriss, in statements to Sudan Tribune, regretted the decision of the SLM-MM to leave the Front and expressed hope that this step would not hinder ongoing efforts for peace and democratic transformation in Sudan.

"The decision of Minawi movement actually is not a split but it is rather a withdrawal from the Revolutionary Front," he further stressed.

He added that the SLM-MM was the only SRF member to quit the SRF pointing that Daoud is not a member of the alliance because he has been dismissed by his group and he is currently in jail inside the country.

In the same vein, SRF Spokesman Osama Said said that 8 of the 9 groups of the Front are united under the elected SRF leadership headed by Hadi Idriss.

"And therefore we deny the existence of two fronts," he stressed in a statement extended to Sudan Tribune.

Regarding the proposals made by the SLM-MM, he added that a committee had been formed to study it along with other proposals.