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Sudan’s legitimate request for UN assistance: the opponents their interior motives? (2-3)

By: Trayo A. Ali

Ali TrayoTo expose and preempt the plot these opposing forces to the UN are hatching, the tricks and tactics using, the ploys they are crafting and ulterior motives they harbour and the havoc they intend to create, we have already detected the group as it includes the pro-Islamist Popular Congress Party (NCP), the self-confessed extremist Law and Development Party (led by pro-ISIS Dr Mohamed Ali Jozoly) and proxy elements acting on behalf of the defunct National Congress Party (NCP). In this choir, we also found the stranger in Jerusalem is the UMA party of Mr Imam Sadik Almahadi.

Sudanese people are wondering about the ulterior motives, the hidden agenda and the ultimate goal that these forces are aiming at. Furthermore what ways and means they intend to employ in effecting their combat against the UN, how much are they prepared to bear either intended or unintended consequences of their acts.

Let first see what their expressed statements they made before dealing with the expected public reaction.

The late Dr. Hassan Alturabi’s Islamist Popular Congress Party (PCP)) in a press release stated that: "We totally reject and condemn any UN intervention or an attempt to undermine national sovereignty, we demand the Prime Minister to immediately withdraw his request and apologize to the Sudanese people". The statement also added that "At a time when the transitional government is unable to provide a little to pay for it, its prime minister addresses the United Nations in order to obtain a foreign mandate that will administer the country and all of Sudan’s soil, in terms of security, constitution, justice, development and peace." The statement further continued: "The request is a disastrous and step to legalize foreign intervention and place the country under international guardianship not only during the transitional period but extends for years to come."

The most outspoken who stated objection is clear, louder and no uncertain terms is Dr Mohamed Ali Aljazoly (a man well known for his open support for the extremist Jihadist organization, the ISIS). Sharply criticizing the government’s position he announced in a an inciting statement: (fellow countrymen, the mask is exposed, so what are the nationalists waiting for. The slogan of freedom is an invitation to international trusteeship over the country, the slogan of peace becomes a sharp division of our society, the call for peace negotiations is not more than a preparation for dividing the country and the slogan of justice becomes bad employment and politicizing the public prosecution. Sudan has never witnessed serious threat related to its existence, of its identity, of its territorial unity as its witnessing now at the hands of the Prime Minister who dared to request the United Nations Secretary-General to ask the Security Council to place Sudan under the tutelage of a UN political mission. This step is a crime and a betrayal, it is a project of destroying the state, dismantling, splitting, and tearing it apart. Our honourable people you should know the gravity of this step taken by the unelected Prime Minister and his political incubator "Forces for Freedom and Change"

In addition to the above the National Umma Party leader, Mr. Sadiq al-Mahdi, while saying he is approving the use of the United Nations in accordance with Chapter VI, he rejects four core and fundamental points in government’s request because (according to him) of its "prejudice to national sovereignty". The points are: "refusal or objection of the UN in implementing the constitutional declaration, assisting in the constitution-making process and legal and judicial reform, security sector reform and the protection of citizens." !!
Obviously the Umma Party, while giving in one hand is taking it away on the other hand. In effect, it is a flat rejection but stated in a different way.

The defunct National Congres Party (NCP) is working by way of buck-passing, proxy politics and satellite elements as did by Dr Dridiri (NCP last minister for foreign affairs) and Dr Qutbi Almahadi, the former National security don and senior executive member of the defunct NCP.

While Dr Dridiri in sharp disapproval and criticism made the loose legal argument to rebuke government’s position in inviting the UN, Mr Qutbi in an apparent reference to U.S. influence in the possible UN role in Sudan has made an apparent mock and sarcastic statement in which he said that "Sudan has been under a stifling U.S. siege since the 1990s, and now is languishing under the American boot. It cannot breathe" !!

Public views and comments
Sudanese social media is full of reactions and repulsive comments on the positions of these opposing forces. One of the central questions I frequently asked in my several articles to preempt the danger surrounding the safe-passage and the success of the transitional process is "how threatful the threat of the deep state forces"?
One commentator in the social media states that "It is now clear that while the scheme is orchestrated by the deep state forces, the lining up is on the basis of ideological "like-mindedness". Another commentator stated that "every single day passing, every single month passing the situation is getting more deteriorating and the need for the UN becomes a more urgent and legitimate request. A third commentator asked: "I am very much interested to know what type of ways and means these forces intend to employ in effecting their combat against the UN? He further exclaimed: will it be "Jihad"?

We will thoroughly examine these above questions in the third part.

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