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Pay our packages of $60,000 or face rebellion, say former governors

June 11, 2020 (JUBA) - South Sudan’s national unity government is under pressure from the former governors and commissioners of the defunct 32 states who demanded be paid compensation as they were relieved when the country reverted to 10 states.

President Salva Kiir briefs state governors in Juba, December 20, 2019 (PPU photo)South Sudan’s Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning was instructed three months ago and promised to pay some amount in a lump sum to each and every post holder who was removed following the return to the 10 state system.

This money would serve as compensation for them, according to the presidential order.

On Wednesday, a high profile official from former Maiwut state said that the committee that was formed to follow the issue was undermined by Presidential Adviser Tut Gatluak Manime and former Minster of Presidential affairs, Mayik Deng who was relieved recently.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a former commissioner of Jerome county said that the government must pay the money or face rebellion if there would be no compromise reached.

He says they are demanding about $60, 000 for every commissioner and $100,000 for each governor from all the defunct 32 states.

Further, some top officials went on Wednesday to the office of the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Agok Makur Kur, who is also the chairperson of a small committee to work on modalities for defunct 32 States and other constitutionals posts holders.

The purpose was to discuss the issue of compensation packages as pledged by president Kiir to his 32 former governors and other posts holders services. Among the people who visited the office were:

David Yau Yau, Former Governor of defunct Buma State, Gach Wol Guandong, Former Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement of defunct Maiwut State, Gatkuoth Bim Nyoak, Former Minister of Information and Communication of defunct Latjor State and Lual Teeng, Former Minister of defunct Twice State.

The officials say they managed to meet the Deputy Minister of Finance to discuss the compensation stimulus package for the former officials of the dissolved 32 states and other constitutional post holders affected the dissolution of these states.

The compensation committee was formed two months ago and the payment supposed to be done in the last 45 days according to the presidential decree.