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Sudanese voice support to Central Darfur protesters as official delegation meets them

protesters in Nertiti stage a sit-in demanding security on 28 June 2020 (ST photo)July 5, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - Hundreds of protesters held a rally in the capital, Khartoum, on Sunday, in support of the demands of Nertiti’s sit-inners who call for security in the Central Darfur area.

Also, a government delegation arrived in Nertiti to meet the protesters in the area.

The protesters who gathered outside the cabinet office and held banners calling to dismiss the commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in the area, and to stop repeated human rights violations.

"We are all Nertiti" or "You arrogant and racist, you should know that the whole country is Darfur," they further chanted.

Before to disperse, the demonstrators handed over a memorandum to the Prime Minister calling to dismiss the area military commander, the head of the police office and the RSF commander in Nertiti.

The memo which endorsed all the demands of the sit-inners in Nertiti further demanded the confiscation of motorcycles used to attack civilians throughout the locality, collect weapons, protect the agricultural season, create suitable conditions that enable the residents to carry out their daily works without threat and to recover all livestock looted by armed militias during the past two months.

The Residents of Nertiti, 65 kilometres west of Zalingei in Central Darfur, have staged a sit-in protest since the 28 June to denounce attacks by militiamen and the failure of the local authorities to stop it.

The eight-day sit-in outside the headquarters of Western Jebel Marra locality has been perceived by the Sudanese youth as a prolongation of December 2019 Revolution toppled the al-Bashir regime.

Hamdok, on Friday, joined the popular support for Nertiti sit-inners and voiced his full solidarity with the peaceful protest and pledged to send a delegation to meet them and inspect the situation on the ground before to take a decision based on the findings of this delegation.

The high-level delegation which is composed of several ministers and military arrived in Nertiti on Sunday morning.

The delegation included a member of the Sovereign Council, Mohamed Hassan Eltaishi, Minister of Justice, Nasr al-Din Abdel-Bari, Minister of Labour and Social Development, Lina al-Sheikh, Minister of Culture and Information, Faisal Mohamed Saleh, Director of the General Intelligence Service, Jamal Abdel-Majid, and the RSF Deputy General Commander Abdel Rahim Daglo, in addition to military and police officials.

Following their arrival in the area, the government spokesman Faisal Mohamed Saleh told reporters that they came upon a directive by the Prime Minister to listen to people of Nertiti and "to respond to their demands that he described as legitimate".

The visiting delegation held a meeting with the area’s elders and dignitaries to discuss the security situation.

The official news agency SUNA reported that the RSF deputy commander pledged during the meeting to deploy 100 vehicles to protect civilians and to collect weapons from the civilians.

Also, he pledged to arrest gunmen and to bring them to justice.

He further urged the area’s residents to collaborate with the government forces and to lodge complaints so that the joint force of the police, army and RSF can arrest the culprits and disarm them.

It is worth mentioning that the Jebel Marra area hosts the Sudan Liberation Army which is the only rebel group that rejects calls to join the peace process.