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Seven ministers resign, one fired ahead of government reshuffle in Sudan

July 9, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese Prime Minister, Abdallah Hamdok accepted the resignation of seven ministers and sacked one ahead of a sweeping ministerial reshuffle he plans to announce very soon.

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok holds talks at the US Capitol in a landmark visit to Washington (AFP Photo JIM WATSON)In an extraordinary cabinet meeting on Thursday, Hamdok spoke about the need to review the government’s performance in response to the demand of the millions of Sudanese people who took to the street on June 30, 2020, said a statement issued by the cabinet office after the meeting.

He told the meeting that Sudanese called to "correct the course of the Revolution and adjusting the government’s team to suit the new stage," further said the statement.

Following what all the ministers submitted their resignations to all the formation of a new government, except the health minister he called for individual assessment of every ministry before, Sudan Tribune learnt.

Hamdok, according to the statement, the prime minister accepted the resignation of the following ministers: Asma Mohamed Abdallah, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ibrahim al-Badawi, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Adel Ali Ibrahim, Minister of Energy and Mining, Issa Osman Sharif, Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Hashim Tahir Sheikh Taha, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure and Allam Eddin Abdallah Absher, Minister of Animal Resources.

"The Prime Minister issued a decision to exempt Dr Akram Ali Eltom, Minister of Health," further said the cabinet.

Hamdok formed his technocrat cabinet in September 2019.

On 30 June, his minister of information said that the government has gotten the message while Hamdok 24 hours before the demonstration pledged tp take major decisions.

He alluded to the change of the police general director and his team who had been criticized for their failure to deal with the intercommunal clashes. Also, the appointment of governors and the reshuffle of the cabinet were among the expected decisions.

Hamdok in his move did not consult the Forces for Freedom and Change which had nominated the ministers also he did not consult the Sovereign Council but just informed them of the resignations of his ministers.

The Prime Minister further entrusted the following officials with the management of current affairs in their respective ministries until the appointment of new ministers: Omer Gamer Eldin, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Heba Ahmed Ali, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Khairy Abdel-Rahman, Ministry of Energy and Mining, Abdel Gadir Turkawi, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Hashim Abu Naouf, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Adel Farah Idris, Ministry of Animal Resources, Sarah Abdel Azim Hassanein, Ministry of Health.