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Peace will allow democratic transition in Sudan: Arman

SPLM-N Agar Deputy leader Yasir Arman speaks in Juba on 21 May 2020 (ST photo)July 10, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - Yasir Arman, deputy head of the SPLM-N led by Malik Agar, said that the expected peace agreement will create a new phase of transition that addresses the past mistakes and allow to achieve the democratic transformation in Sudan.

The Sudanese government and the armed groups involved in the peace talks in Juba including SPLM-N Agar are expected to strike a peace deal soon as they have finalized an agreement on the power-sharing this week. In the coming days, they will discuss the security arrangements the only remaining issue.

In statements to Sudan Tribune on Saturday, Arman who is also the SPLM-N Agar chief negotiator said that the peace process, which is at its final phase, will bring a new spirit into the Sudanese revolution and enable it to accomplish the tasks of democratization and Sudan’s full return into the international and regional arenas.

After the signing of the peace agreement, "A new stage of the transitional period will begin. The peace agreement between the SRF and the other parties should be used to establish a new transitional period that will allow addressing the errors committed during the first period."

Also, "we must go towards a broader role for large groups that participated in the revolution and did not participate in the government in a way to address the issues of the displaced and refugees, women and resistance issues. There is an opportunity to renew the vitality of the transitional period," he stressed.

Nowadays, Arman is in Khartoum, where he arrived two weeks ago, with the mediation team and other senior negotiators representing the armed groups, to break the deadlock in the negotiation process.

They reached an agreement with the government on all sticky issues in the power-sharing, except for the financing the peace implementation process in Darfur and the participation armed group in Darfur’s institutions as they demand 55% for the armed groups and 25% for the stakeholders leaving 20% for the government.

Upcoming Gulf support

He revealed that they had received promises from the Gulf countries to support the second phase of the transitional period and to support the implementation of the peace agreement particularly.

"We welcome these pledges. We seek to establish good relations with the Arab and African neighbourhood countries," he said.

Both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates promised to provide joint support of three billion dollars to Sudan, but they stopped it after providing one billion to Sudan at the end of 2019

He said the expected peace agreement should create a suitable atmosphere in the country to attract armed movements that are not part of the peace process, pointing that a comprehensive peace throughout the country must be achieved during this year 2020.

Arman expressed hope that the forthcoming agreement will contribute to Sudan’s removal from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, stressing that this step is crucial for the stability of the transition period and the completion of its tasks.