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Sudanese Revolutionary Front backs appointment of civilian governors

PM Abdallah Hamdok (L)) and SRF leader Hadi Idriss in Juba September 2019 (ST photo)
July 19, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) Sunday approved the temporary appointment of civilian governors before signing the peace agreement, paving the way for Sudanese Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok to replace the military governors.

The appointment of civilians governors has been expected as part of the changes that Hamdok pledged in response to the Sudanese street at the end of last June. But some SRF leaders renewed their opposition to this step before signing the peace agreement, stressing that they should be involved in the entire selection process.

The prime minister last Friday spoke with the SRF leaders, asking their support for the appointment of civilian governors. In return, the coalition leadership sent a letter on July 19 giving him the green light to appoint civil governors after holding a meeting in which they set the requirements that they would like to be taken into account in the selection process.

The Front decided to "respond to the desire of our people, which was expressed again in the demonstration of 30 June 2020 to appoint temporary governors of civilians in all of the states of Sudan with a view to dismantling empowerment and providing basic services to the people,"

The letter, which is signed by Hadi Idriss SRF leader, added that the appointment of temporary civilian governors must take into account a fair representation of women, involvement of local leaders in the selection of governors in the conflict-affected areas and scientific and administrative capabilities.

"The selected governors should not have high political visibility during this delicate stage," Idriss further stressed.

In the past, Hamdok had asked the SRF leader to accept the appointment of civilian governors, but they declined his request fearing that the Forces for Freedom and Change would appoint their members to reinforce their positions in the regions.
Negotiations are underway in Juba on the security arrangements which are the last item in the peace process.