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Sudan’s civilian state governors swear-in

Sudan's civilians state governors take oath of office on 27 July 2020 (ST photo)July 27, 2020 (KHARTOUM) Sudan’s civilian state governors sworn-in Monday nearly a year after the signing of the Constitutional Declaration.

The oath of office ceremony took place at the Presidential Palace in Khartoum, in presence of the head of Sovereign Council Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Prime Minister Abdallah Homdok and Chief Justice Neemat Mohamed Abdallah.

All the 18 governors were present despite calls to reject the appointment by the National Umma Party (NUP), and the opposition to their by local leaders in eastern Sudan and Darfur.

Hamdok delayed the replacement of military governor several times hoping that armed groups would sign a peace agreement.

The armed groups, which still have the security arrangements to negotiate, recently accepted temporary civilians governors until the signing of a peace agreement.

The NUP Monday reiterated that its six members who have been appointed governors should resign from the party or decline the position of governor.

The party of Sadiq al-Mahdi asked to give them nine states but Hamdok did not respond fully to their request.

Speaking on Sunday in a meeting with the civilian governors, Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok said that the appointment process was made through broad consultations and consensus.

Hamdok stressed that the appointment of civilian governors was "a giant step towards completing the transitional authority structures".

He further said that the appointment of two women as state governors for the first time in the history of Sudan is a matter of pride and is a step in the right direction to enhance the participation of women in the various governing bodies.

The new state governors are:
1- Ayman Khaled Nimer - Khartoum State.
2- Abdallah Chingray Ohaj - Red Sea State.
3- Abdallah Ahmed Ali Idris - Al-Jazirah State.
4- Ismail Fathal-Rahman Hamed Warraq - White Nile State.
5- Suleiman Ali Mohamed Musa - Gedaref State.
6- Abdel-Rahman Mohamed Noraldaem Eltom - Blue Nile State.
7- Amal Mohamed Izzeldin Osman - Northern State.
8- Hamed al-Bashir Ibrahim - Southern Kordofan State.
9- Musa Mahdi Ishaq - South Darfur State.
10 - Saleh Mohamed Saleh Ammar Hamid, Kassala State.
11- Almahi Mohamed Suleiman Almahi, Sennar State.
12- Amna Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed al-Makki - River Nile State.
13- Khaled Mustafa Adam Osman - North Kordofan State.
14- Hammad Abdel Rahman Saleh - West Kordofan State.
15- Mohamed Hassan Arabi - North Darfur State.
16- Mohamed Essa Elio - East Darfur State.
17- Mohamed Abdallah Aldoma - West Darfur State.
18- Adeeb Abdel Rahman Youssef - Central Darfur State.