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RSF deny arbitrary arrest of South Darfur’s Fallata

Fallata stage a sit-in in Nyala capital of South Darfur to protest arbirary dettnion by RSF on 8 August 2020 (ST photo)August 11, 2020 (NYALA)- The recent arrest of Fallata tribesmen in South Darfur State was carried out by a joint force and upon the orders of the prosecution, said the Rapid Support Forces on Tuesday.

The denial of arbitrary arrest intervenes after a sit-in by the Falata tribe in Nyala several days ago to protest the arrest of 35 members of the tribe by the RSF in Saadoun area, 85 km from Nyala.

The RSF commander of the Nyala sector Brigadier General Abdel Rahman Jumaa told Sudan Tribune on Tuesday that their forces did not arrest any person from the Fallata tribe in the Saadoun area on Monday as it was alleged by the Fallata tribe.

He said that there are some 40 people are detained in Nyala Prison.

"All of them were arrested on the basis of arrest warrants issued by the prosecution and the operation was carried out by a joint force composed of the army, RSF and the police,” he stressed.

In statements to Sudan Tribune, a media official for the Fallata tribe, Adam Haroun, Tuesday, accused the RSF arresting 8 people on Monday, and later released 3 of them."

The governor of South Darfur state, according to Haroun, pledged to implement the demands of the Fallata within a week, including the RSF withdrawal from the area and to replace them with police forces.

The RSF commander further said that the detainees are accused of being involved in tribal violence that took place between the Fallata and Massalit tribes last July which claimed 17 lives and injured 25 others.

The military official indicated that 40 of 160 people under arrest were subjected to legal proceedings, as they were identified as involved in the tribal attacks.

He said that among the 160 detainees there are four tribe leaders.

Regarding the accusations raised by the Fallata hat the RSF sought to displace them from Saadoun area, Jumaa said: "We have no interest in their displacement."

The official also denied the RSF presence in the area, stressing that the force present there belongs to the Sudanese army.