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Hemetti calls to disciple former rebel fighters in West Darfur

Mohamed Hamdan Daglo Hemetti (Reuters file photo)

July 15, 2021 (GENEINA) - Deputy Chairman of the Sovereign Council Mohamed Hamdan Daglo "Hemetti" directed the new West Darfur Governor and the state military commander to discipline former rebel fighters and impose the state authority.

Last April, tribal clashes again broke out in Geneiena between Arab and Massalit tribes. Over 40 people were killed and 58 injured in three days of tribal clashes. In January, at least 129 people were killed and 108,000 people displaced the inter-communal fighting between the two groups.

Hemetti, accompanied by two members of the Sovereign Council Malik Agar and Hadi Idriss, were Thursday in Geneina to participate in the inauguration of the new West Darfur Governor Khamis Abdallah Abkar who is also a leader of a former rebel group.

Speaking to the government forces in Geneina, he said that the federal government would never allow chaos, pointing to the diverse incidents in the state.

"We agreed with the leaders of the armed movements that their forces should be outside the cities and that there should not be any military presence (combatants in uniforms - armed vehicles - weapon ) in the towns".

He further directed the state governor and the state military commander to eradicate the negative military manifestations immediately stressing that such presence could be a source of trouble.

"We do not want those manifestations and we look forward to seeing the police effectively securing citizens instead of other regular forces," he added.

Following the tribal clashes with the Massalit in January and April 2021, the Arab tribes in West Darfur State accused some former rebel groups of taking part in the tribal violence. Also, the Massalit accused the fighters of the Rapid Support Forces of joining the Arab tribes in the clashes.

The government deployed security forces including RSF fighters in Geneina to curb the tribal clashes.

Also, Hemetti criticized armed groups saying they buy military ranks insignias.

"Some of them wear an insignia of General staff that even me do not wear because I’m not graduate from a military academic institution," he said.

He underscored that the true military ranks will be given to the combatants after the implementation of the security arrangements.

Former rebel groups in Darfur, particularly, used to give their commanders the same military ranks as the Sudanese army.

Hadi Idriss, in his speech, called to achieve reconciliation, peaceful coexistence and upgrading the social fabric to establish a healthy society across Sudan. He also added that such measures would create a conducive environment for the return of displaced people and refugees to their areas of origin.

He further announced that the government will start soon implementing the security arrangements stressing the state’s keenness to collect weapons and confine their possession to the regular forces, in order to establish the rule of law.