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Deng Alor to discuss Abyei status with Sudanese officials in Khartoum

Hemetti arriving at a lunch organized by Abyei businessmen in Juba on 26 August 2020 (ST photo)
September 14, 2020 (JUBA) - Deng Alor Kuol, South Sudanese Minister for East African Affairs is expected travel to Khartoum Tuesday to discuss the issue of the disputed area of Abyei.

The Ngok Dinka seeks to use to the improvement of bilateral relations between Sudan and South Sudan to reach an agreement over the disputed border area.

Minister Kuol who is a member of the Ngok Dinka ethnic group, told reporters on Monday following a meeting with President Salva Kiir that he discussed the implementation of ways to determine the final status of Abyei.

“President Salva Kiir directed him to accompany the Presidential Advisor on National Security Affairs, Tut Gatluak to Khartoum to discuss with the Sudanese Government issues related to determining the status of Abyei,” said the South Sudanese presidency.

Kuol said that they have some proposals and they are ready to discuss it with the Sudanese government.

Gatluak is travelling with the advance delegation of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front ahead of the final signing of the peace agreement brokered by the South Sudanese government. They are expected to arrive in Khartoum on Tuesday evening.

Last August Abyei community leaders met with the Sudanese deputy head of the Sovereign Council and he pledged to tackle the final status of Abyei after the peace process.

In line with the peace agreement of 2005, the residents of the border area have to vote in a popular consultation to decide whether they want to join South Sudan or to remain in Sudan.

However, the failure to agree on who is eligible to participate in the referendum blocked the process.