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Beja leaders distance themselves from anti-peace protests in East Sudan

Leaders o Eastern Sudan Beja group in the SRF sign peace agreement with the government on 3 Oct 2020 (ST photo)
October 5, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - Three Beja ethnic groups have disavowed the two-day protests organized by the Supreme Council of the Beja Tribes against a peace deal on eastern Sudan signed last Saturday in Juba.

The Port Sudan town witnessed protests on Sunday and Monday, to protest a peace deal with some Beja groups, members of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front within the framework of the Sudan comprehensive peace agreement.

The chiefdoms of the Ababda, Amarar, and Bisharin on Monday tribes issued a joint statement to distance themselves from violent protests against the peace agreement orchestrated by the Beja paramount chief who objected the appointment of a new governor in Kassala state.

"We want to make it public for everyone that we are not concerned by the demonstrations staged in Port Sudan in the name of the Supreme Council of Beja Chiefdoms. These protests do not represent our chiefdoms, nor the community under our administrations within its geographical borders," read a statement extended to Sudan Tribune on Monday.

The three tribes further said that the Supreme Council of the Beja Tribes, headed by the Hodandawa tribal leader, Mohamed Ahmad Turk, was a political deception.

"There is no council that was formed in the name of Beja chiefdoms so far. What was done was a falsehood and political deception perpetrated in the name of our tribes. We do not accept it and we do not accept to be represented by an illusory body that does not exist on the ground."

Turk who was close to the former regime is accused of being implementing a counter-revolutionary plan aiming to create chaos and to destabilize eastern Sudan.

The statement denounced the two-day protests saying it aimed to "stir up strife", and described it as "a negative movement that threatens the security of society."

The statement was signed by the Amarar tribal leader Ali Moahmoud, Bisharin tribal leader Abdallah al-Hassan, and the Ababda tribal leader Mansour Nasser.

The joint statement was issued the murder of a police officer by a protestant in Haiya town of the Red State on Monday. The assailant who killed the policeman by his knife was apprehended and will be tried soon.

In the same context, the Forces for Freedom and Change in the Red Sea State proposed to accelerate the organisation of East Sudan Issues Conference to discuss the demands of the region.

"We believe that the consultative forum for the people of the East (...) the safety valve," said the FFC’s spokesman, Amin Sanadah.