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Islamists, Darfur allies of al-Bashir regime call to involve them in Sudan’s transition

Islamist and Darfurian groups allied with the former regime call to involve the in Sudan transition on 17 October 2020 (ST photo)October 17, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - Islamist and Darfur region political groups that participated in the regime of the ousted President Omer al-Bashi, on Saturday, launched a political programme saying they want to "make the transitional period successful".

The alliance of the National Programme Forces (NPF) held a meeting at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum on Saturday to inaugurate its political platform including issues of peace, federal governance, and the formation of the election commission.

"We are proposing a national project to contribute to the national construction and to reject exclusion and resentment," said NPF chairman Tijani al-Sissi who joined al-Bashir regime after signing the Doha peace agreement in July 2011.

Al-Sissi further announced the coalition’s support for the peace agreement signed between the government and the Sudanese Revolutionary Front on October 3.

Al-Sissi and other Darfurian groups who participated in the former government say they do not share the Islamist and totalitarian nature of the ousted regime but they were linked with it by a peace agreement to preserve the lives of displaced people and refugees in Darfur.

However, other Darfur groups signatory of peace deals with the al-Bashir regime distanced themselves from the alliance refusing to associate themselves with Islamists groups like the Popular Congress Party (PCP) which backed al-Bashir until its collapse.

The NPF consists of the Sudan Renaissance Alliance of Tijani al-Sissi, the PCP, the Democratic Unionist Party’s faction of Ahmed Bilal, the Justice Party led by Bechara Aru, the Third Way group, and the Union of Independent Representatives, a group of former MPs in the dissolved parliament, headed by Abu al-Gasim Burtom and some other small groups.

The PCP political secretary Abdel-Wahab Saad said that the new programme calls to return to the 2005 Sudanese Interim Constitution, to avoid fallacies about the constitutional document.

Saad further said they called on the Forces for Freedom and Change to put an end to the current political polarization and to reach consensus on the success of the transition period."

For his part, Political Secretary of the Justice Party, Bechara Aru, said that the national programme is open to everyone and accepts all possible changes to make the transitional period successful.

"The forces signing the national program are supportive of democratic transformation through elections," he stressed.