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Sudan’s FFC, military agree on how to provide 75 seats for peace partners

Sudanese parliament building (File photo Getty)October 18, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - The Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), the ruling coalition in Sudan, and the military component of the Sovereign Council struck a deal on how to provide 75 parliamentary seats allocated to the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF).

According to the agreement reached on Sunday, the FFC will give 35 seats, while the military component will give 40 seats to the SRF groups.

In line with the peace agreement of 3 October, the SRF will get 75 seats in the transitional parliament.

In August 2019, the FFC and the military council agreed that the parliament will be composed of 300 members. The alliance of the democratic groups’ signatory of the FFC charter will get 67%, 201 seats while the remaining seats will be allocated to the groups that did not sign the pact.

The formation of the transitional legislative council had been delayed by the peace talks with the armed groups.

The alliance has formed a committee for the distribution of the remaining seats among its components.

Initially, the FFC pledged to allocate 100 seats to the regions but now this pledge seems difficult to be realized.

The political alliance intends to would coordinate the distribution of the parliamentary seats to the different states with the SRF groups to avoid the unfair allocation of seats between the different constituencies.