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Sudan liberalizes fuel prices officially

Sudanese wait to get fuel for their vehicles at a petrol station in Khartoum (Reuters/file photo)
October 27, 2020 (KHARTOUM)- The Sudanese government officially announced the new liberalized fuel prices, with an increase of more than 400% over the previous price.

In a press conference held in Khartoum, the Minister of Energy and Mining Khairy Abdel-Rahman Khairy stated the liberalized fuel price will be effective as of Tuesday evening.

He added that a litre of gasoline will be sold at 120 pounds instead of 28 pounds previously, while the price of a litre of diesel will be 106 from 23 pounds.

Sudanese government decide to cancel fuel subsidy as part of an unpopular economic reform rejected by the leftist groups but endorsed by a national economic conference held in Khartoum recently.

The Sudanese Communist Party held a press conference to denounce the removal of fuel subsidy and vowed to organise popular protests against this reform.

Salih Mahmoud, a member of the SCP leading political bureau said they cannot remain silent while the country is heading straight for the abyss.

He added they will exert peaceful pressure on the government to respond to the popular demands and pedal back from these economic reforms.

"If (the government) refuses to back down from its policies through memoranda and peaceful demonstrations, the people of Sudan must come out and continue in the same approach to change this government".

The government released a clip to explain the purpose of the removal of subsidy and its immediate and future benefits for the economy.