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Sudan’s military intelligence arrests peace delegation members

November 4, 2020 -(KHARTOUM) - A spokesman for the Sudanese Alliance, Wednesday said that the military intelligence arrested the deputy chairman of the group and three others on charges of undermining the constitutional order.

Saeed Youssef Mahl The Sudanese Alliance is one of the factions of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) that signed a peace agreement with the transitional government on 3 October.

The group which includes some Darfur Arabs sent an advance delegation to Khartoum ahead of the arrival of its chairman with the SRF leaders on 15 November.

“The Deputy Chairman of the Sudanese coalition, Lt Gen Saeed Youssef Mahl, was arrested by the Sudanese military intelligence service, from the Anwar Al-Madina Hotel at 10:00 pm on Tuesday. He was released at 04:00 am on Wednesday," Huzaifa Mohi Eddin the alliance spokesman told the Sudan Tribune on Wednesday.

Mohi Eddin called on the Sudanese government to take clear and decisive measures against what he described as "a threat and blackmail to the leadership of the Sudanese Alliance". He also called to release three members of the group who are still under detention at the headquarters of the military intelligence.

He said that Mahl held a meeting in Khartoum on Wednesday with the Deputy Chairman of the Sovereign Council, Lt Gen Mohamed Hamdan Daglo "Hemetti". While Khamis Abdallah Abakr the leader of the group met Shams al-Din Kabbashi in Juba to discuss the situation.

The spokesman said that Hemetti and Kabbashi explained that the arrest came against the background of reports about plans by a group of Rizeigat tribes planning to undermine the constitutional order."

Recently, there were reports about a purge within the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) that led to firing some 2,600 soldiers.

The sacked RSF soldiers reportedly had been part of the Border Guards Forces of Musa Hilal and their commanders were suspected of planning a coup against Hemetti and his brother Abdel Rahim, the RSF deputy general commander.

Mohi Eddin denied that the deputy head of the group or the three others are involved in any recruitment operations in the outskirts of Khartoum to increase the number of their fighters ahead of the DDR process.

He disclosed that the matter had been discussed recently when the Justice and Equality Movement of Gibril Ibrahim had been accused of seeking to recruit new members.

"It was agreed with the government that no new member would be recruited, after the signing of the peace agreement," he said.

The spokesman further stressed that the group is carrying out only political activities in Khartoum while the military activities are limited "to cantonment sites according to security arrangements."

For his part, the Spokesman for the SRF Advance Delegation Ibrahim Musa Zariba criticized the arrest of some members of their delegation, noting that they did not have information yet about the reasons for the arrest.

"The members of the advance delegation should enjoy an immunity against arrest," Zariba further told the Sudan Tribune.

Musa Hilal was arrested by the RSF on 27 November 2017, since he has been under arrest by the Sudanese army. Also, the RSF had taken the control of gold mines in his tribal area of Jebel Amer before to hand it over to the finance ministry.

The Sudanese Alliance is made up of more than 15 factions, Sudan Liberation Movement/Army of Khamis Abakr, Sudanese Revolutionary Council, Sudan People’s Liberation Movement “Umm Matariq”, United Revolutionary Forces Front, Sudanese National Liberation Front “, Sudan People’s Liberation Movement “ Aldabb”, New Justice and Equality Movement, Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-Darfur Sector, Sudanese National Democratic Movement, National Movement for the Liberation of Sudan, National Democratic Equality Movement, Revolutionary Forces Front, Kordofan Group for Development, Reform and Development Movement, and Sudan Liberation Movement and Reform.