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FFC finalize distribution of Sudan’s transitional parliament seats

November 9, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - A leading member of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) Central Council said that they have finalized the distribution of the parliamentary seats among the blocks if the ruling coalition.

Building of the Sudanese parliament in Omdurman In line with the peace agreement (75 seats), 25% of the 300 parliamentary seats have been allocated to the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF), the FFC have got 165 seats and the other forces supporting the revolution without been FFC members have the remaining 60 seats.

The Sudanese Professionals Association-New Secretary (SPA-NS) and some Resistance Committee recently contested the legitimacy of the FFC to from the transitional legislative council as they fear to be marginalized in the parliament.

Jaafar Hassan, a member of the FFC leadership body told Sudan Tribune on Monday they distributed the 165 seats between the three blocks of the ruling coalition: The Sudan Call, National Consensus Forces and civil society groups.

"100 seats have been granted to the FFC committees in the 18 states, and 28 seats have been allocated to the SPA and the Resistance Committee 14 seats for each, while the remaining seats (37) go to the blocs," Hassan told the Sudan Tribune.

He said that the blocs would be given 12 seats, 15, and 16 seats, depending on the size of each block.

Hassan said that the ruling coalition is engaged in meetings with the SRF to discuss how to distribute the seats in the Legislative Council to the 18 states.

He underscored that the regions would be represented in the transitional according to population density.

Also, he said these shares could be amended pointing that the FFC are consulting with the SPA, Resistance Committees and the National Umma Party.

The FFC official stressed they would observe the 40% female representation in the parliament.

The transitional constitution tasked the FFC and the military component of the Sovereign Council with the formation of the Transitional Legislative Council.