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NDM spokesperson resigns over “bad” leadership practices

David Lawrence Lual, the former spokesperson of the National Democratic Movement (NDM) party (courtesy photo)

January 10, 2020 (JUBA) - A senior member of Dr. Lam Akol’s National Democratic Movement (NDM) party has resigned, citing what he said was the “worst” leadership style in the party.

David Lawrence Lual, in a January 10, 2021 letter addressed to the chairman of NDM, acknowledged the well-structured organs of movement, but highlights elements of “bad practices” such as conspiracy against members, negligence, sidelining of some members, vagueness in the organizational flow of responsibilities and overriding of duties assigned to organs within the party.

Lual, the official spokesperson of NDM, was also a member of its National Executive Committee (NEC) and National Liberation Council (NLC).

“NDM opposes the regime’s leadership style and calls it ethnocentric but on the contrary, NDM leadership does things that are even worse than what it opposes,” his letter reads in part.

According to the former spokesperson, some key members of the party quit on realising that the NDM deviated from the principles and concept of national democratic revolution based on the core values of freedom, equality/justice and fraternity/solidarity.

“NDM leadership must know that change is a process that can only be manifested through actions not just on the papers or to be sung. Any political organization that wants to make a change must first lead by example; it must exhibit the features of change within itself before calling for it. It must provide an alternative to what is being opposed not by doing the same thing or worst,” further stated Lual.

He, however, vowed to remain fully committed to the revitalized peace agreement and would to support its implementation.

“What matters for me is peace and stability, I thus pledge to work for peace and support any peaceful initiative that aims at achieving a political stability in the country,” stressed Lual.

Reacting to the NDM official’s resignation, Akol said he got the information on media.

"Someone in the party will [respond]", he replied in a brief message to the Sudan Tribune.

Lual joined NDM in 2017 and was part of its delegation to peace talks in Addis Ababa in May 2018.