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S. Sudan sitting on time bombard: army general

February 16, 2021 (JUBA) - A South Sudanese army general has warned that the young nation could disintegrate if president Salva Kiir and his five deputies in coalition government do not act to avert escalation and spiralling out of control of the current situation.

Major Gen. Peter Mabior Lual (ST phot)
"We are in no peace and no war situation with 8.3 million South Sudanese facing famine, rampant insecurity across the country, soldiers have not been paid for 7 months, foreign missions have gone without salaries for 21 months, unified forces have been abandoned in the training camps with no plans to graduate them and they have threatened to decamp anytime, rampant corruption, inflation with prices of essential commodities increasing every day, the list is long," Major Gen. Peter Mabior Lual said Tuesday

Writing on his Facebook page, the army officer said Kiir and his deputies were sitting on a time bombard if they fail to stop the situation from spiralling of control.

“President Salva Kiir and his five Vice Presidents should know that they are sitting on a ticking time bomb. With this protracted delay of full formation of the government, things could spiral out of control and it will be too late to manage”, he wrote

The military officer’s warning comes barely two weeks after the Catholic bishop of Yambio and Tambura diocese, Barani Edwardo Hiboro called on the government to prioritize care, maintenance, organization and the development of men and women in uniform.

He urged members of the organized forces to carry out well their role of protecting people, enforcing justice and order within our country.

“But leaving them in a chaotic way like it is now, is leaving the country at the mercy of disorganization, of confusion, of violence and lawlessness. When these elements are missing among the men and women in uniform, the reality is that they became part of those who are causing confusion. What kind of nation do we have then?” said Hiboro.

The top religious leader said he was aware no group has laid down weapons since the end of the conflict in 2018, expressing a delay could lead to disorder and lawlessness in the country at the expense of peace and unity.

"If they are disorganized, be sure the country is also disorganized because nobody oversees putting things in order. Can we, therefore, prioritize this? We need to prioritize the reorganization of our forces”, he stressed.

The Bishop was speaking at a social function held on February 10 in Yambio.