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Sudanese shepherd killed by Ethiopian militiamen

Sheep grazing in a farm in Gadaref state (ST file photo)
February 19, 2021 (GEDAREF) - A Sudanese shepherd was killed on Friday by Ethiopian militiamen in the latest attack by Ethiopian forces on Al-Fashaqaof the state of Gedaref.

On Friday, security sources told the Sudan Tribune correspondent in Gedaref state reported that Ethiopian militias penetrated the Basinda border locality, where they stopped shepherds in the Helat Khater area and seized a herd of cattle before to flee with into Ethiopian territory.

The same sources confirmed that a shepherd was killed in confrontations with the Amhara militia before the intervention of the Sudanese Reserve Forces who pursued the attacking militias, while the dead man was evacuated and transferred to Dokka Hospital.

Since last November, relations between Sudan and Ethiopia have been strained following the deployment of the Sudanese army forces in the Fashaq area that were seized by Ethiopian farmers protected by the Amhara militiamen for more than two decades with the benediction of the internationally isolated former regime in Khartoum.

Officials in Khartoum say they recovered about 90% of the Sudanese territory occupied by the Ethiopian farmers and their Amhara region government-backed militia.

However, Addis Ababa accuses the Sudanese army of occupying Ethiopian territory and call for negotiations to demarcate the border, after the withdrawal of the Sudanese troops.

For their part, Sudanese farmers and shepherds in the border locality of al-Quraysha in Gedaref State demanded the deployment of Sudanese army forces at two points in the area where Ethiopian militias are present.

Rasheed Abdel Gadir the head of the Committee for Victims of Fashaqa told the Sudan Tribune that the presence of the Sudanese army in Jabal Wad al-Labiter near Birkat-Noreen in al-Quraysha locality will protect farmers and shepherds.

He added that all the Amhara militiamen are active in the mountainous areas with the other Ethiopian forces.