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Sudan’s SPLM call for the relocation of Juba University to South Sudan

April 13, 2006 (KHARTOUM) — The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) has called for the relocation of Juba University back to southern Sudan, following the boycott of examinations by the university students on Saturday 8 April.

SPLM Northern Sector Youth and Students Secretary, Yen Matthew Chol told Sudan Radio Service (SRS) in Khartoum that the SPLM stands with the students, whose position – he says – “is based on the law”.

Last week students said they would not sit for examinations on Saturday unless their colleagues detained by the police during recent protests were released and the university administration accepted the reformation of the students union. The students also called for the withdrawal of thousands of police deployed at their campus following the recent riots.

The position of the SPLM is very clear; especially that it is based on the fact on the very events and incidents that have been taking place at the university said Yen Matthew.

The university should get back to Juba. Simply because the university was in fact established for the reason that it should help in development of the south, that was the very first objective when it was opened as soon as Addis Ababa agreement was signed, for reason of war the university was brought here Khartoum. And since the war stopped it’s supposed to get back.”, further added Yen Matthew.

The minister of higher education and scientific research in the Government of National Unity, Dr Peter Nyot Kok, (SPLM) issued the closure decree on Monday 10 April following the boycott of examinations by students last Saturday. The decree suspends examinations and lectures in all the colleges of the university.

Nyot said that the closure is aimed at safeguarding the security of students, lecturers and the university property, adding that a comprehensive national committee will be formed to investigate outstanding issues at the campus. The committee will try to find solutions to the issues at Juba University.

The names of the committee members are expected to be announced before the end of this week.


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