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Sudan’s SPLM criticizes performance of the national media

May 10, 2006 (KHARTOUM) — SPLM’s parliamentary group chairman Yasir Arman has said the movement is not happy with the performance of the media. He stated that the SPLM perceives the national media is expressing a single opinion, alone with one party’s view and that it does not reflect the policy of the Government of National Unity (GONU).

yasir_arman.jpgArman demanded that the media reflect the entire spectrum of opinions: “There is no difference between the media now and the media before the [Comprehensive] peace agreement”, he said.

The Federal Ministry of Information presented before the national parliament its plans to restructure the ministry and adapt it with the requirement of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Arman criticized the performance of the media after the statement of the federal minister, al-Zahawi Ibrahim to the parliament.

“This piece of criticism should not be misconstrued as being against the ruling National Congress”, Arman stressed, adding that GONU was striving to make the media aware of its policies and also the activities of parties like the Ummah party, the Popular Congress and others.

Arman stated that the shortcomings of the media discourage the implementation of the peace agreement.

He said the upcoming referendum would be seen as a litmus test of the media as it would require a media that shows concern for political and cultural diversity, and which also acts as a reminder of the new regime: “It is in the interest of the NC to highlight the fact that there is a new regime”, he explained.

(ST/Khartoum Monitor)

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