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South Sudan govt orders radio station closure

July 21, 2006 (JUBA) — Authorities in southern Sudan have ordered the closure of a radio station broadcasting from the city of Juba, alleging it was not licensed and that its frequency belonged to another broadcaster.

Liberty FM, however, denies operating illegally and insisted it had complied with all government requirements.

In a letter to the radio station on 17 July, the director-general of the ministry of information and communication of Central Equitoria State, Timothy Goya, accused Liberty FM’s management of ignoring summons from the ministry to explain the alleged irregularities.

Liberty’s manager, Peter Yata, denied receiving any summons from the ministry.

“We have the licence that was issued by the Government of South Sudan Directorate of Commerce and Supplies in Yei. The licence number is 585 and serial number 473, dated 2 December 2005,” said Yata. He said that the frequency had been allocated by the Southern Sudanese Council of Communication and Broadcasting and that the Vice-President of Southern Sudan, Riek Machar, had allowed it to operate from the premises of the government-run Juba Television.


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