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Egypt urges regional international efforts to end Darfur crisis

Feb 17, 2007 (CANNES, France) — Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stressed the need to conjugate of regional and international effort to end Darfur crisis, said the Egyptian presidential spokesperson on Thursday 15 February.

Ambassador Suleiman Awad said that a mini summit on Darfur was also held on Thursday to discuss the situation in the border area between Sudan, Chad and the Central African Republic. President Mubarak stressed the need for an effective regional, African and international effort to contain unrest in Chad, the Central African Republic and Darfur, the spokesman said.

The Darfur crisis is having repercussions in both Chad and the Central African Republic and vice versa, added the spokesman.

President Mubarak said that security in central Africa was interrelated so that mutual cooperation is required to help tackle problems in the three countries, he added.

During the mini summit, Mubarak intervened between the Chadian and Sudanese presidents to urge them to build confidence, Awad said.

Mubarak also urged the parties to accept formulaic amendments to encourage them to approve a statement to be signed at the end of the meeting, he added.

Awad said that Mubarak met with Sudanese and Chadian Presidents Omar al-Bashir and Idriss Deby during France Africa Conference as part of Mubarak’s efforts to restore calm to the border area between Sudan, Chad and the Central African Republic. He said the Chadian president will visit Egypt soon for talks with President Mubarak.

The spokesperson said that the statement signaled a new phase in ties between the three countries.

He, however, said that the success of the agreement was dependent on willingness of the three countries to build confidence and on the success of African and international efforts to contain the situation in Darfur.

The statement issued at the end of the Darfur summit urged respect of sovereignty of each country and to halt support to armed movements in line with the Tripoli agreement.

It also called for setting effective mechanisms to exchange views among Sudan, Chad and the Central African Republic.The statement further called for pursuing the participation of the UN and African Union in efforts to tackle the crisis.


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