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Amnesty says Sudan preparing new courts over rebels attack

August 18, 2008 (LONDON) — A human rights group accused Sudan of detaining hundreds of Darfuri without charges saying authorities prepare try them in what it termed “sham courts” that Khartoum set after a rebel attack on Khartoum where more than 220 people killed last May.

Women_from_Darfur.jpgSudan formed three “Anti-Terrorism Special Courts” to try alleged rebels charged of waging war against the state and the illicit use of weapons after an attack by the Justice and Equality Movement on May 10. Some 38 defendants were sentenced to death by the courts.

Amnesty International Monday said that the Sudanese government holds hundreds of people – including women and a nine-month-old – without charge or access to lawyers. Further the rights organisation said that Khartoum prepare to try another 109 defendants in the special courts.

“Many are still unaccounted for and Amnesty International has received reports of torture and ill-treatment from people who were released and fears those still detained are at high risk of torture or that they have been disappeared.” Amnesty said.

Amnesty urged the Sudanese authorities to “investigate crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice” but
to observe the binding legal guarantees in criminal proceedings as it is provided in the Sudanese constitution.

UN envoy in Sudan, lawyers and activists denounced the lack of fair trial guarantees and urged the Appeal court to review the death sentences.

Tawanda Hondora, Africa Deputy Director at Amnesty International, said some defendants met their lawyer for the first time during the trial while they were tortured and forced to confess to crimes.

“Those trials were clearly unfair and now Sudan is preparing to try yet more people with this system. How is that justice?” said Hondora.

Amnesty International also urged the Sudanese authorities to reveal the whereabouts of all individuals held in the context of the 10 May investigation and urges that all are promptly charged or else released immediately.



  • YihHon Alewei
    YihHon Alewei

    Amnesty says Sudan preparing new courts over rebels attack
    What kind of government is this?

    If Bashir government know what POW stand for and the meaning of, him and his rogue regime would have not sentenced the rebels caught during the attack to death!

    These are what called prisoners of war! According to Geneva convention, they are (POW) are imprisoned in humane conditions without torture and other bodily harm such as phobia until the peace comes between the two foes!

    There is no justice in Khartoum, if there is justice, I think Judges would have acted within the legal framework without interference from the president and other generals from the army!

    If happen, it will be a stunt move by a government which lack competent and legitimacy within the country and the international community.

    POW are not killed when they are caught alive unless kill in action!

  • madesio ukel

    Amnesty says Sudan preparing new courts over rebels attack
    19 August 11:37,By Okel. Please Bashir you have condinate with your judge to emposed unfair trial on POW which is against the law.
    Son of evil,the same thing will happen to you soon brother of Satdam of Iraq.
    The man is ready to face music and pay a debit of nature.

  • Moses Kur Akech
    Moses Kur Akech

    Amnesty says Sudan preparing new courts over rebels attack
    Sentencing prisoners of war will bring Bashir’s existing counts to 11 but this count will have substantial evidence more than any count.

    Killing prisoners of war by Bashir’s regime is not a surprising characteristic. Many people know the regime didn’t hand over any prisoner to SPLA/M when the war ceased, but SPLM/A handed over hundreds in respect for human rights.

    The regime has to be aware of the contemporary public ‘watchdog’ (media), though there are still tough restrictions but nonetheless not like ten years ago when many atrocities passed by with out being documented.

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