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SPLA-IO senior officer blames lack of joint operation center for Juba insecurity

SPLA-IO chief of general staff, First Lieutenant General Simon Gatwech Dual (C), with members of JMCC from SPLA-IO, Juba, 28 May 2016 (ST Photo)
SPLA-IO chief of general staff, First Lieutenant General Simon Gatwech Dual (C), with members of JMCC from SPLA-IO, Juba, 28 May 2016 (ST Photo)

June 24, 2016 (JUBA) – A senior military officer of the armed opposition faction of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA-IO), said establishment of a joint operation center in Juba will help in bringing to an end the ongoing insecurity situation in the national capital.

In an interview with Sudan Tribune, General James Koang Chuol, SPLA-IO deputy chief of general staff for finance and administration and head of the SPLA-IO’s team on the Joint Military Ceasefire Committee (JMCC), said the delay in formation of joint operation centre, which was supposed to draw together members of peace partners, is setting back restoration of security in the capital and beyond.

He also blamed individuals in the President Salva Kiir’s national security organ for causing some of the insecurities in the town.

He said both sides in the peace deal are supposed to immediately formed a joint South Sudan Police Force, which was stipulated in the peace deal signed in August 2015. The joint police would be tasked to carry out patroling in Juba and other states cities as in the agreement.

Chuol however said as the country has faced enormous challenges in the economic crisis, some individuals are disobeying the laws and acts in their personal interest rather than the protection of citizens.

However, he admitted that there are factors which contributed to the delay of establishment of the joint police forces, adding that the top peace implementers, President Salva Kiir and First Vice President, Riek Machar, have not yet agreed on when to establish the joint operation center.

He described crimes committed in Juba at night as deliberate attacks, arguing these shall only end when the joint police forces takeover the security of Juba and in other parts of the country.


General Chuol also confirmed to Sudan Tribune that last week bodyguards of the First Vice President, Machar, were shot at by members of the national security while they were returning home to Jebel Kujur from a market place in Juba town center.

He said nobody was injured in the attack, but added the vehicle’s tire was damaged by some bullets. Machar’s bodyguards did not return fire.

He said the matter was later on resolved as those who shot the vehicle admitted their mistake.

Juba city has remained a deadly place with several cases of killings happening almost on everyday basis and none of perpetrators has been apprehended.

A night curfew has remained in place till dawn as the country’s state of emergency, declared two years ago by President Kiir, has not yet been lifted.

Currently, only organized forces loyal to President Kiir have been responsible for the security of Juba.


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