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US warns Americans of the dangers of traveling in Sudan

KHARTOUM, Sudan, Dec 15, 2004 (AP) — The United States has reminded Americans of the dangers of traveling in Sudan following the deaths of two aid workers in volatile Darfur.

us_sd_flags.jpgThe U.S. State Department travel warning issued Tuesday noted the government and southern rebels were negotiating to end their long war, but said southern travel is still dangerous. “In addition, there is fighting in Darfur and a serious humanitarian crisis continues throughout western Sudan.”

It repeated previous U.S. government statements that it had “received indications of terrorist threats aimed at American and Western interests in Sudan.”

The warning came two days after two Sudanese employees of Save the Children were shot and killed in South Darfur. It was not clear who fired on the aid workers’ convoy.

Two main rebel groups are fighting government troops in Darfur, and the government is accused of backing local militias that have attacked civilians in the region. The United Nations says the conflict has sparked the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, forcing hundreds of thousands of people from their homes.

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